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The electorate in Bosnia and Herzegovina is underinformed of the programmes and attitudes of political parties in BiH regarding issues that concern them directly, as well as issues they themselves are not aware of. The political uninformedness of a population is a problem solved through a long-term process of raising political awareness. As a shortcut to addressing this burning issue that often results in votes cast for an inadequate candidate or a political agent, the Institute for Youth Development KULT developed an online tool for gauging voter preferences in elections.

In cooperation with the developers of the VoteMatch tool (www.votematch.eu), which has long been present in Europe, the Institute has started developing the aforementioned election quiz in Bosnia and Herzegovina, under the name Izboromat in Bosnian language. Izboromat functions by allowing users to express their agreement, disagreement and neutral attitude towards a certain political issue, thus expressing their preferences towards certain political agents while eliminating those they do not find close to them. After completing the quiz, on the basis of answers provided to questions given, the users are given feedback on which parties align best with their political attitudes.

The objectives of this tool are informing users on key political issues and the differences among political agents in BiH, encouraging voters to cast their vote in the elections, promoting debate, and making the elections interesting for voters.

We emphasize that VoteMatch is solely used as a guide and does not provide a definite answer on whom you should vote for. In order to decide whom you should vote for, we advise you to get informed on political agents in BiH in detail.

How does VoteMatch work?

Statements – Answer the statements by clicking "I agree", "I disagree", "I have no opinion" or "Skip" (if you want to ignore a statement completely).
Your priorities – You may select statements you consider most important. Statements you select as most important will be scored twice as much as the rest.
Parties – Select at least three parties you would vote for.
Results – Results screen will reveal the party you agree with most and the rest will follow, starting with the ones you agree with most to the ones you disagree with.

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